Frequently asked questions?


Our products are sold through a reseller network where you can find the nearest retailer here

You can see an XL FENCE at the nearest retailer which has an exhibition, you can see on the list of dealers which dealer has an exhibition.

As a private customer, you cannot buy DIRECTLY AT XL FENCE! We only sell to dealers who are set up in our dealer network, but want to be admitted as an XL FENCE dealer, and we are happy to hear from you.

XL FENCE is being negotiated in all the countries in which a reseller is established. You can find the nearest dealer here

You are very welcome to refer to a retailer near where you live, which you think could be part of our dealer network. Contact us at [email protected]


Our products are made of concrete, WPC, steel and wood

WPC is a new technology for material processing as in the professional language stands for “Wood Plastic Composite” WPC is a smart material that cannot be attacked by advice, fungus, algae or other natural growth.

You must contact the retailer that XL FENCE has been ordered through.

We have an XL FENCE WPC Series with concrete pillars and fence profiles in composite which in combination is completely maintenance free.

An assembly guide is included when ordering an XL FENCE-Alternatively, you can inquire at the nearest XL fence dealer who has been selected to serve you in the best possible way.